What Are You Looking For?

1 minute read

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” – John Lubbock

When I fall back into autopilot, I have an awful habit of looking for what is not done yet, what is not “right” yet, what is not working…

Not only is it exhausting and annoying for my teammates (right Ivan?!),  I annoy myself when I realize I’m doing it. Yikes. This is definitely not me in my “Performance Zone” doing my best work.  And that means I’m not influencing or supporting those around me in the most productive ways. It’s a wasteful cycle.


If you have a habit like this (most hard-chargers do), hopefully, you’ll appreciate this quote as a reminder to choose what you’re looking for today.

Today, I’m going to deliberately look for micro-progress, fun, and ease throughout the day.

I bet that is what I’ll end up seeing. ?

What are two small things you are going to look for today?