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Behavioral Performance System™

High-Stakes Performance

Ambitious entrepreneurs & business leaders turn to us for high-stakes performance support.

It’s painful and costly for you and your business when you’re…

  • Frustrated with poor communication and a lack of accountability
  • Exhausted from being the “go to” for all the problems 
  • Stressed that you’re not getting timely decisions and actions from others
  • Disappointed with the firefighting and daily grind 

That’s why we created the world’s only Behavioral  Performance System™ for leaders.  Focused on mindset, communication and behaviors, it’s the only leadership performance system of it’s kind. 

Thousands of CEO’s and leader teams around the globe are practicing our proprietary processes and creating life-changing results and relationships. 

Get Ready to Amp Your Business & Supercharge Your Life.

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Behavioral Performance System™ for Leaders

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My Stress Zone Behavior

In 20+ years of working with entrepreneurs and business leaders on their Behavioral Performance, shouldering all of the pressure and stress involved in running a business is one of the most common “high performer” behaviors that inevitably starts to cost more than payoff.


Full Costs of a Problem

It’s easy to get frustrated with a situation, especially one that pops up again and again, and you decide to push it aside. You’re not sure what to do, so you stop working on it. If you were truly aware of the costs that you and the business were paying, you’d change your mindset.


Autopilot Versus Activating Language™

Language is instrumental in how we are performing interpersonally as well as intrapersonally. It’s not just the language that we’re using with others. Most importantly, it’s the language we’re using with ourselves.