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Behavioral Performance System™

High-Stakes Performance

Ambitious entrepreneurs & business leaders turn to us for high-stakes performance support.

It’s painful and costly for you and your business when you’re…

  • Frustrated with poor communication and a lack of accountability
  • Exhausted from being the “go to” for all the problems 
  • Stressed that you’re not getting timely decisions and actions from others
  • Disappointed with the firefighting and daily grind 

That’s why we created the world’s only Behavioral  Performance System™ for leaders.  Focused on mindset, communication and behaviors, it’s the only leadership performance system of it’s kind. 

Thousands of CEO’s and leader teams around the globe are practicing our proprietary processes and creating life-changing results and relationships. 

Get Ready to Amp Your Business & Supercharge Your Life.

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Behavioral Performance System™ for Leaders

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Taking Responsibility = Trouble (Part 4 of 4)

You can hear it all over the place…language that describes a manager’s responsibilities to develop their team members. While it’s as common as can be, it’s not true. It’s our final example in this series of where Taking Responsibility = Trouble for the manager. Watch this short video to learn more!


Taking Responsibility = Trouble (Part 3 of 4)

It feels really good being the Go-To. I mean, I love feeling important. You know what I’m talking about. How many teammates know that you’re super responsible? You’re the Go-To for them because you’re a high-performer they know they can depend on. How exactly does that turn into trouble? Several ways actually…check it out in Part 3 of Taking Responsibility = Trouble!


Taking Responsibility = Trouble (Part 2 of 4)

One of the things we respect so much about the leaders we work with, is how much they care about their team members. Whether internal team members, like direct reports, or external team members like contractors or customers, how your communication or actions impact them matters. Sometimes though, you might find yourself caring too much. Worrying about how they feel (or how they might feel) and basing important business decisions on that, is the 2nd example where your high performer behavior of taking responsibility has turned into trouble.