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Wingspan Performance Academy™

The most comprehensive program for transforming frustration & stress into healthy high performance.

Wingspan Performance Academy is the only inter-personal performance system of its kind. It shows you exactly how to get stronger results with others through game-changing personal leadership.

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Is it working?

How Often Are You Doing Someone Else’s Job?

The leaders that come to us are frustrated because they’re not getting the results they want. Mediocre performance is costing them, and the business.

And deep down they know they’re absolutely capable of something greater. The key to getting consistent, reliable performance from others?

A simple, powerful process to transform your frustration into strong healthy performance.

And right now is hands down THE best time to buckle up and get back into your Personal Performance Zone. That may feel more challenging than slogging through your own personal groundhog day, especially if team members have been dropping the ball and you’ve been disappointed over and over again.

Whether you’re a brand new business leader or you’ve been at it for a few years, you had a “bigger game” in mind when you decided to become a leader, didn’t you?

So what's missing?

Here’s What Wasn’t on Your List of Goals...

  1. Spending most of your day doing other people’s jobs

  2. Stressing about getting it all done in time

  3. Being the only “Go-to” at work, solving all the problems

  4. Missing family dinners and lacrosse games

  5. Disappointed that you haven’t figured it out yet

You WANT a better approach to tackle the challenges and play your Bigger Game!

Q3 2024 – Waitlist Open

Wingspan Performance Academy™

The most comprehensive program for transforming frustration & stress into healthy high performance.

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  • This course has given me the tools to listen and pay attention to my frustrations, break it down and really understand what exactly about this scenario is frustrating me and what is this costing me?
    Kristen Beatty-Graham Head of IT - Corporate Functions
  • Before WPA, I was 100% in the Stress Zone. We were wasting at least 10 hours a week due to poor communication & team members feeling unsafe. I practice, practice, practice daily. And it's amazing when I look now, solutions, collaboration & creativity all come very easy.
    Michelle Shea Dir. of Renewables, Low Carbon Fuels & Sustainability
  • The Wingspan Performance Academy has elevated my leadership journey to the next level. Now, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm handling situations in the best possible manner, because I have the tools to do so. In all the leadership training that I've had, there was never a focus on behavioral performance. This is what makes this course so unique.
    Melody Shuler Asst. Town Manager, Town of Waxhaw

Course Benefits

You’ll Master These Concepts

Show up with a beginner’s mind, put your learning into daily practice and you will take your inter-personal performance to a whole new level.

  1. Understand Total Performance

    Accurately and objectively discuss team members' performance and increase ownership, initiative and personal responsibility

  2. Keep Expectations High

    You’ll stop tolerating mediocre work and start leading and supporting your team to consistent high performance

  3. Turbocharge Your Conversations

    You'll identify & remove the fuzzy language you're habitually using that's accidentally creating problems and replace it with clear compelling language that moves people

  4. Hold People Accountable

    Appreciate and exercise accountability in a healthy, caring way (even if you don’t feel sure about it now)

  5. Maximize Your Influence

    Show confidence (and stay sane!) as you continually create more of what you want and expect with your team

  6. Micro to Macro

    Take detailed insights from specific situations and apply to your everyday performance–live your Bigger Game!

Q3 2024 – Waitlist Open

Wingspan Performance Academy™

What do you imagine is possible? We know you’re absolutely capable of taking your life to new heights…and deep down you know it too.
Bet on yourself!

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