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Kristen Beatty-Graham
My confidence has soared. Learning where and when to apply levels of intensity and knowing my goals and intentions of an interaction, ground me to have effective conversations and drive behavior to outcomes.

Kristen is excited to have her life back! She has a new focus on her well-being first so she can be her best self at work and home. She says, "I do not resent work or home as I am in control and effectively communicate my intentions to keep work and home harmonious. I have built stronger, more effective relationships at work and have been able to establish my seat as an influential leader, again leading to my overall personal happiness."

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Brian Smithson
Give Wingspan the chance, listen to what they're saying, pay attention to it, and try. You'll be astonished.

Insignia Group called upon Wingspan when they were having some difficulties with a couple of individuals on the 6-person management team. They came to realize that the entire team desired help to speak with one voice.

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Tina Hubert
Wingspan is not an executive coaching firm. It’s a transformative set of tools and practices that will take your business or personal effectiveness to new heights with tangible, quantifiable results. 

Tina says that after only a few months, she saw real changes in the leaders assigned to Wingspan. She says, "They were more decisive and business-focused. They communicated with greater clarity and wear breaking through behavioral barriers that had been holding them back for years. We decided to use only Wingspan after comparing Wingspan’s results with those of its competitors. I also became eager to work with Wingspan myself and to see what impact they could have on a larger scale and with more senior leaders."

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Sarah Waltman
What really surprised me is how Wingspan helped me to unlock a potential that I didn't know I had.

Sarah has worked at many fortune 500 companies in the area and always felt like Wingspan is a gift she can give to the organization. Wingspan worked with Sarah to challenge her to reach her full potential, showing Sarah her own power and partnering with her to continue her personal and professional growth.

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Abby Anderson
My communication style is both more activating, bold and continuously refining to get rid of the bubble wrap. I am continuing to be cognizant of my behaviors so that I can choose my next actions based on this knowledge.

Abby's most meaningful changes after working with Wingspan include an intentional mindset. She says, "This can change many times during the day, and I purposefully check in to set those intentions. My communication style is both more activating, bold and continuously refining to get rid of the bubble wrap." She warns: "Real talk and real change ahead… if you are willing and ready, get excited!"

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Heather Wollerman
I remember Cathy telling me, 'If you work with me and you're committed, this is going to be a game-changer for you.' And it has been.

Originally, Heather was working with Wingspan to help other leaders. She hadn't really thought about seeking some help or support herself. As she started working with Wingspan, she realized that there was a lot to work on in her personal life. She was going through a divorce and had two small children. Her confidence was shot. Not only did her work with Wingspan help her in the workplace, it also helped her in her personal life, which in turn, helped her to develop her business leadership.

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Eric Ricker
Commit and succeed. Limit your participation and you will limit your success.

Eric expected generic managerial how-to information, littered with motivational anecdotes. This was not the case. He says, "Wingspan is a well-designed system of communication and behavioral modification techniques that is fluidly demonstrated and implemented. Practice starts with self, then program colleagues, then everyone."

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James Brooks
Wingspan brings a real sense of humanity to the work they do, but there's also a tenacious competence to it.

As the company grew and as opportunities grew, Insignia Group's management team was running into issues with communication, especially accountability and cooperation.

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Walter Putnam, Jr.
I have been able to elevate beyond the immediate emotion and keep my focus on the greater goal. Buckle up, my friends. Step in to be challenged, step up to be humbled, and step out to the uncomfortable edge where growth happens.

One of Walter's most meaningful takeaways is accepting and understanding the fact that we as individuals cannot control any other individual, their actions, thoughts, or preconceived ideas. He says, "I can control how I enter the given situation and the power within an intentional and balanced mindset. I have been able to elevate beyond the immediate emotion and keep my focus on the greater goal. I am more effective in directing my energy and attention towards ideas, tasks, and people with whom I can make a meaningful difference."

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Jerry Tejchma
I am more direct and purposeful with my thoughts, words, and actions. I spend significantly less time worrying about how someone will react to something and focus on progress.

For Jerry, he'll tell you that the most meaningful changes have been in his mindset and communication—and behaviors that follow—starting with a daily check-in of where he is physically, mentally, and emotionally and where he intends to be throughout the day to get the most from himself as well as his team.

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Holly Fox
Be honest with how you are personally with people one-on-one. If you're open to that and open to change, it's a phenomenal experience.

When Holly transitioned out of her initial support role into a role of partnering with business partners, executives, and the CEO of the company, Wingspan was an essential force and guide. Holly stayed open to change and feedback and took the opportunity to grow. Working with Wingspan proved to help Holly know which steps to take and she was able to reach her potential because she was honest with her goals and what she wanted to accomplish.

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Greg Brentrup
Some of the most meaningful changes for me have been the ability to guide discussions and deliver the outcomes I want; and creating more accountability for team members to complete tasks and assignments.

Greg feels the changes have made a huge impact on him. At work, he is better aligning and communicating what he wants and expects from teammates. At home, he has much more meaningful conversations with his wife by asking better questions, seeking feedback, and overall improving our communication with each other to avoid arguments.  He says, "Get comfortable being uncomfortable! I definitely went well beyond what I thought I was ok with in terms of speaking up to peers and leaders, challenging leaders (now in a productive and positive way), and ended up better for it."

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Donald Gardner
I’ve learned that the journey is perpetual; and if you buy into the process, it is also incredibly rewarding.

The most meaningful change that Donald made since beginning work with Wingspan years ago was learning how to be an active listener. He has worked on an entire portfolio of behaviors over the years and continues to evolve with time and the journey is never complete. He says, "No other behavior modification is complete without the ability to be an active listener as a foundation. As I developed that skill over the years I was able to relate to and work with everyone in a more meaningful way. In hindsight, the fact that I was particularly bad at this prior to focusing on it likely held me back for many years of my life."

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Matt Hubert
My self-worth and my relationships are much more intimate, powerful, and fulfilling. I trust my gut more and that feeds an emotional side of what had before been a more analytical process. This pattern feeds itself and continues to build my innate ability to be a leader and powerful partner.

Matt's work with Wingspan made him much more natural at knowing when he is a part of the problem/solution, and when someone else has to take ownership. He has continually moved further and further away from reaction and into a place of openness, honesty, and curiosity of communication.

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Jill Taylor
I knew I wasn't happy... I couldn't achieve what I wanted in the family business.

Jill was at a turning point. She had carefully examined her life, making lists of pros and cons, ultimately deciding to leave her dad's company. She wanted to excel in a particular area of expertise, and couldn't accomplish her goals within the family business. To Jill, she was looking for the personal accountability to make the changes needed for her life, while also bringing Wingspan to the table to help the transition and the family matters at hand.

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Elise Falls
Without Wingspan, I wouldn't have the confidence that I do now. I wouldn't be where I am.

Elise felt the benefit of Wingspan both personally and professionally. One of the most important takeaways for her was managing the dynamic in the family business—setting up healthy boundaries and building more positive relationships. She feels more confident in her own leadership and uses what she's learned at work and at home.

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Mary Beth Manchin
She helped me find the confidence within myself. It would have felt too overwhelming to do on my own.

When Mary Beth began working with Wingspan, she was working for a company in the same industry that she's in now—custom clothing. While she's grateful for that experience, it wasn't in alignment with how she wanted to run her business. She found her work with Wingspan as "insightful and intuitive," providing Mary Beth an outlet to articulate what she was thinking and feeling. She credits Wingspan with putting an entrepreneurial beat in her heart (we know it was there all along), she simply uncovered the potential. She began her own company, with the values she wanted to portray. She was thriving with more confidence, having Wingspan as her wingman.

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