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Our clients aren’t looking for shortcuts or a quick fix. You’re playing the long game, and so are we. Learning and exercising high performing behaviors takes time, especially in a demanding work environment.

It’s rough out there on the field of business and a one-and-done, flavor-of-the-day training doesn’t cut it. The Wingspan Performance System™ focuses on repeatable practice so you consistently bring your personal best to the game — and WIN.

Leaders we work with say they love that we’re down to earth, forthright and support them with bold caring.  They’ll tell you, “It’s like no other training experience I’ve had before. It just works.”

A Team Tailored for Your Business

Meet Our Leadership Advisors

Cathy Maday

Founder/President, Performance Advisor

Cathy is the founder, owner, and president of Wingspan Performance and the creator of the Wingspan Performance System™. Since 2003, she’s coached and advised thousands of leaders across the globe, in many industries, and from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs. Cathy is widely recognized for her blend of business savvy, ability to influence, and deep care for others.

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Ivan Konermann

VP of Operations, Performance Advisor

Ivan Konermann is a Leadership Advisor with more than 20 years’ experience in the private sector, a West Point graduate, and former U.S. Army Captain. He brings rare expertise in leading critical operations and team problem-solving in high pressure situations based on decades working in the military, special operations, intelligence, and public safety communities.  Ivan draws on a wide range of experiences in his work supporting leaders, effectively equipping them to create more of what they want while feeling more confident along the way.

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Whiskey Blue

Snuggly Mascot

Whiskey Blue is that special dog who knows how to lean into you for affection, whether she is standing, seated, or laying down.  Her favorite place to be is smack dab in the middle of any hugs or snuggles. .  She brings the (usually) mellow ying to Chili Pepper’s high energy yang.  Whiskey is widely recognized since that dog in the “The Little Rascals” looks a lot like her…and she’s cool with it.

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Chili Pepper

High Energy Mascot

Chili Pepper is like no other…she keeps the Wingspan office full of energy and reminds us that when it’s quiet, there is probably trouble brewing.  Her two modes are 500 mph or sleeping, and she is learning from her sister how to be a good snuggler and movie watcher.  Just don’t forget to throw her some popcorn!

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