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Voting with Your Calendar

This video pulls several key ideas together to help us focus on how we choose—intentionally or unintentionally—to spend our time.


A Good Place to Start

If you’ve been successful at lots of other things and you attempt something new, you may feel pressure to be good right from the start. This unreasonable expectation doesn’t help and can make getting started even harder.


Reducing Traffic Inputs

This article is purely about what you allow INTO your mind as you are working, not about how to handle the list of tasks that you have to do.


Starting a New Job

Here are some critical mindsets, behaviors, and communication tools to use as you start a new role, or you want to reset relationships or expectations in a current job.


Courage at Work

What do you really and truly care about? What do you really want for your team members, for your direct reports, for your manager, and for yourself?

Team Performance

Redefining Performance

It can be easy to think of performance as either good or bad, though that sometimes misses a key item: what is the expectation for that role.


Optimism About the Future

With all the challenges we face day after day, month after month, it can be hard sometimes to be optimistic about the future and the changes that are coming.


Too Much on Your Plate

Almost everyone is wanting to know how to function better when there is too much on the plate. It’s time to do something different!


Talking About Performance Problems

Everyone is going to have an experience where someone doesn't do what they've committed (or been told) to do. Most people aren't ready to have the necessary conversations when these situations arise.