High Energy Mascot

Chili Pepper

What would 1,000 lbs of rocket fuel look like if it was bundled into 50 lbs of dog?

For us, it usually looks like Chili and an emergency vet visit.

Chasing squirrels, swimming after kick-balls and jumping off the front of the boat before we’ve even docked are some of her specialties.  While Chili seems to be fearless of everything (including copperheads in the yard…yup…that was a scary one), she was initially petrified of the cone collar in the photo below.  It was her personal Kryptonite, and she would stand frozen when it was put on her, not even turning her head to look around.  Gradually, her inner spunk and bullish approach took over, and after a few days of the cone, Chili had found her mobility again.

Plants, chairs, people, and anything that was between shin and hip height were likely to get knocked over when Chili came barreling through the house or charged out into the yard.  Thankfully, she is all healed up from here recent accident, and is back to stalking any bird or chipmunk that enters her kingdom!