VP of Operations, Performance Advisor

Ivan Konermann

Ivan grew up in a military family that moved around the country, finally settling in Dallas Texas in the 1980s.  He finished high school and headed to West Point in 1992 for four years of high pressure and fast-paced learning, growing, failing, and discovering.  After graduating and getting his commission, Ivan spent the next five years serving as an infantry officer with the 3rd Infantry Division.

After leaving the Army as a Captain in early 2001, he started working for a mapping software/GIS company in their Charlotte NC office.  He quickly began building the Special Operations line of business and focused on the community for 8 years, working across the company and around the world to create and provide solutions that met customers’ high expectations and operational requirements.  Realizing how essential training was to customer success, Ivan spent several years working with the Training team before eventually moving to the Public Safety team.  The high intensity Public Safety work resonated with him as he supported the Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Dispatch and Fire communities.  Ivan was promoted to manage the sales efforts of the team supporting customers all over the US, create new ways to meet customer requirements, and coordinate strategic partnerships with aligned businesses.

In 2018 Ivan came to Wingspan Performance, where he is a Performance Advisor and also the VP of Operations.  His focus on a sustainable practice, repeatable tools, and essential details has helped shape and refine several of the processes and resources that Wingspan Performance uses on a daily basis.  As an advisor, he brings an honesty and dedication to each interaction, helping leaders sort through what they want for themselves and others.

Ivan has also raced mountain bikes, ridden a motorcycle around the US, shot pistols competitively, and hunted ducks religiously over 37 years.  He’s an Eagle Scout, and has continuously volunteered to support a wetland conservation organization for over 20 years.  Ivan is currently learning woodworking, and how to ride dirt bikes without getting mangled.