Before You Reach Your Boiling Point

1 minute read

Three successful leaders shared with me just this week how essential it is to practice the Two-Word Check In (2WC) throughout each day.

Flipping from Autopilot to Stress

So many of us are operating on Autopilot—completely unaware that we’re about to reach our boiling point. When we do, and we flip into the Stress Zone, we create unintended (and unwanted) outcomes in our work and relationships.

Taking a few seconds to check in with your Physical, Mental and Emotional energy helps you dramatically increase your awareness of self. This PME state is where all of your performance is currently coming from.

Creative Control

When you notice earlier that you’re heading toward your boiling point, you have more creative control. Then, you can choose better to support yourself and head back into your Personal Performance Zone.

My 2WC: traction forward

What’s yours?