My Stress Zone Behavior

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I’ve had a nasty habit of isolating when I’m in the Stress Zone. When I’m overwhelmed or when I’ve been running in the red for too long, I hole up, don’t take phone calls or return texts. Definitely don’t reach out to loved ones or trusted colleagues to ask for help. This has hurt some of my relationships. Thank goodness I’ve got friends who are patient.

I’m working on it. Doing a better job of making time to grab dinner or just reaching out with a text. Making progress.

It’s a habit you may relate to.

In 20+ years of working with entrepreneurs and business leaders on their Behavioral Performance, shouldering all of the pressure and stress involved in running a business is one of the most common “high performer” behaviors that inevitably starts to cost more than payoff. And all those costs don’t add up over time. They compound.

Most of the hard charging leaders we work with confess to this self-limiting habit. Yet, in team coaching sessions, the live WPA calls, or the Accelerator Membership sessions, they’re also the first to say they value having a team. They appreciate being reminded, “It’s not just me — I’m not the only one going through this.”

When they’re getting jammed up or overwhelmed, I tell them, “phone a friend.” Sometimes it’s a nudge and other times it’s a kick in the rear. Like me, they totally suck at reaching out and asking for support. When they do though, it’s a game changer.

How often are you isolating yourself?

When you’re ready for something better, we got your back. Just give a holler.

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