Shed the Amateur’s Mindset When Assessing Your Performance

2 minute read

An Amateur’s Mindset

“Just tell me where I screwed up.”

It’s a problematic perspective too many leaders have when assessing their performance. Sure, identifying where you’re off-target is certainly part of the formula when aiming to improve your performance, except it’s insufficient.

It’s an amateur’s mindset and I cringe to admit I’m guilty of this far too often.  How about you?

High Performers Do This Instead

Talk to any high-performing athlete though and you’ll learn that they work with their coach to spot where they were hitting their marks AND where they missed. Further, they examine HOW they did both.

Seeing clearly where and when they’re nailing it is critical information so they can recreate those moments and build onto them. That’s how you build healthy high performance.

Practice a Pro’s Mindset

Focusing solely on your faults is an amateur’s mindset. Next time you’re about to fall back into this habit, practice these things instead:

  1. When you ask others for feedback, ask for examples where you hit the mark and where you’re missing it.
  2. Listen sincerely when others compliment and acknowledge you. Often our habit of focusing on faults is coupled with a tendency to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when our goodness is highlighted. This is not natural and you can unlearn it. Watch what happens inside and outside of you when you graciously receive this caring support from others.
  3. Remind yourself that you’re a pro. Acknowledge the total picture of your performance so you can celebrate progress and take it to the next level!

See you out on the field!