When is Being Too Composed Counterproductive?

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Putting Meditation to the Test

While this post is about “when is being too composed counterproductive?” I feel it’s important to give you a little backstory. Meditating continues to be a core practice for my well being and helps me stay calm and clear when the sh*t  hits the fan (like during the past several months recovering from a serious surgery). Or, for almost all of us, during the entire last 12 months! 

When I found out I had a “rather sizable mass” next to my brain and my neurologist “freaked out a little” when he saw the MRI (those are actual quotes), my practice in meditating and focusing my attention were instrumental in navigating all the scary steps before and after the surgery.

Heeding My Own Advice

Except now, four months into healing with another complication, my dear friend, Tina, lovingly smacked me with, “You are TOO CALM! It’s time to challenge your doctor and hold him accountable!”

While I’ve helped many leaders over the years recognize that they were too composed and they were working against themselves (in certain situations), it was time to take my own advice!

Being too calm and collected at work can:

Where might you be too composed for the situation?