When Your Protective Armor is Weighing You Down

2 minute read

Payoff and Cost

Every single one of us has fear-based protective patterns. At some point in our lives (often when we’re little) we developed these approaches because they really helped us. 

We put on some armor and it’s how we kept ourselves from getting hurt. 

Payoff > Cost.

The problem is we get really good at practicing them and we turn them into habits. Then we get to new places in our lives and the

Cost > Payoff.

What to do?

Except, because we’re now in Autopilot (operating out of habit) we’re unaware that we’re working against ourselves.

Interrupt your own Autopilot by asking yourself Advancing Questions®:

You are powerful, creative and resourceful. You access and exercise your personal power when you get out of Autopilot and into your Personal Performance Zone.

If you want some help throwing off the chainmail, connect with me and we’ll see where you can start!

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