Removing the Bubble Wrap

Removing the Bubble Wrap

A Testimonial from Abby Anderson, Head of Global Partner (Corporate Functions) IT and Office of the CIO

The most surprising thing about the work with Wingspan is how impactful the learnings and subsequent practice spreads across both personal and professional sectors. The effectiveness literally is way beyond me to the people where I am connected on a daily or regular basis.

My most meaningful changes include an intentional mindset. This can change many times during the day, and I purposefully check in to set those intentions. My communication style is both more activating, bold and continuously refining to get rid of the bubble wrap.  I am continuing to be cognizant of my behaviors (almost an out-of-body experience) so that I can choose my next actions based on this knowledge. I am practicing not to judge the parts of me for past behaviors. These changes legitimately affect every relationship I have, across the spectrum of personal and professional. Bringing me closer to the people I choose and more influential overall.

I have been a powerful partner with Cathy by opening myself, my colleagues, and my world with her. This enables each of us to learn and grow. I would warn people to come ready to hear what is real and willing to practice every single day without judgment. Everything in life that is worth doing takes time and energy, this is no different.

WARNING: Real talk and real change ahead… if you are willing and ready, Get excited!

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