Get Your Life Back!

Get Your Life Back

A Testimonial from Kristen Beatty-Graham, Head of IT – Corporate Functions

I was surprised at how easily Cathy relates and provides instant feedback. I am also surprised at how fast I have been able to apply the practices and the near-instant results experienced in my personal growth. This is not traditional leadership coaching, this is hands-on skills for effective communication and personal well-being.  Wingspan works with my team as a group. There are a few people I was unsure would be open to the ideas and I was shocked to see them be the receptive and some of the strongest participators.

Through my work with Wingspan, my confidence has soared. This is through practices of keeping a level playing field and not seeing scenarios as such a big deal. Learning where and when to apply levels of intensity and knowing my goals and intentions of an interaction ground me to have effective conversations and drive behavior to outcomes.

I have a life back. I focus on my well-being first so I can be my best self at work and home. I do not resent work or home as I am in control and effectively communicate my intentions to keep work and home harmonious. I have built stronger, more effective relationships at work and have been able to establish my seat as an influential leader, again leading to my overall personal happiness.

Cathy is so comfortable working with—opening the door for me to be me, and not holding back in sharing my experiences. Because of this, Cathy and I have partnered in a no-excuses manor holding each other accountable and having freedom and safety to challenge without holds. Wingspan has changed my life.

This program requires commitment and willingness to put practices in place for effective change. Staying open to being challenged and held accountable is the key to success in this program. Be warned: you are going to love the results!

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