Autopilot Versus Activating Language®

2 minute read

Activating Language® is an entire framework in the Wingspan Performance system because of how powerful it is. Language plays a huge role in how we’re perceiving what’s happening in our situations moment to moment, how we’re perceiving ourselves and our ability, how we’re perceiving others and what we’re hearing when they’re communicating, how we’re making our micro choices and our macro decisions.

Language is instrumental in how we are performing interpersonally as well as intrapersonally. It’s not just the language that we’re using with others. Most importantly, it’s the language we’re using with ourselves.

And so, every single business leader I’ve ever worked with has autopilot patterns or habits around their language, and those are slowing things down in terms of what they want to accomplish. Think about it. If you’re speaking from autopilot, meaning if you’re just speaking out of habit, you’re not really thinking about it, you’re not intentional, if you’re speaking from autopilot, the people around you are very likely listening from autopilot. Then that collective performance is how we’re generating our business and life results and relationships.

And so, anytime you are frustrated or annoyed or disappointed in team members’ performance, or lack of performance, start to ask yourself some questions. Where am I accidentally letting them off the hook? How am I perpetuating confusion? Where have I not set clear expectations? The answers are often, if not always, in your language.

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