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#1 of 8 Surprising Habits Blocking Your Influence

You're influencing the people around you 100% of the time. Yet, how often is your influence intentional vs. accidental? Leaders operate in Autopilot a surprising amount of the time, which means you have habits or tendencies that hamstring effective influence.


When to Define Why

Leaders are often told to "explain the why" behind a task. That *may* be a good choice, and there will be reasons to go further and times not to explain "why" at all.


3 Steps to Better Listening

Oftentimes people will want to be better listeners and they aren't sure how. Here are 3 quick tips on how to listen more fully and be more focused during a conversation.


Winning More Arguments

Want to know our secret steps to winning more arguments, at work or home? Give these six steps a shot and see if you don't walk away happier with the outcome!


Reducing Traffic Inputs

This article is purely about what you allow INTO your mind as you are working, not about how to handle the list of tasks that you have to do.


Talking About Performance Problems

Everyone is going to have an experience where someone doesn't do what they've committed (or been told) to do. Most people aren't ready to have the necessary conversations when these situations arise.


A Better Framework to Ask Problem Solving Questions

At Wingspan, we call Advancing Questions the “power tool” that leaders bring. The reason problem-solving questions are such an important skill is that there is a distinct difference between solving a problem FOR someone and solving a problem WITH someone.


Don’t Guess, Just Ask

Sometimes we think we know what the other person wants. Some relationship books describe how guys typically want to problem solve, and women lean towards listening. Only that isn’t what the other person always wants. The fact is we don’t know—even with siblings, our best friends, and colleagues we’ve worked with for decades.