Don’t Sweat Other People’s Perceptions…

2 minute read

In a conversation today, someone mentioned how they did and did not want to create perceptions in others. I reminded them that none of us control how others perceive us. We absolutely control (and are responsible for) what we do and how we do it. Others will perceive different things at different times, based on their filters at the moment.

So, what to do? Be crystal clear in WHAT you are working to deliberately do, and in HOW you are going about it with others right then. Both parts of this are key…I know from experience what it’s like to not have both…it doesn’t go well.

Getting dialed in to WHAT you want to do, and HOW you want to do it, is how you can line up your words & deeds with your intent. Part of your message may be saying what you are intending to do, and also saying out loud what you are NOT aiming to do. That can help people orient to your intentions, even if you get a little off-track along the way with your language.

We can easily get focused on how others perceive us, when we don’t control how they filter, listen, or process what we bring. The more we are intentional in how we show up, the more we will help others understand what we’re going for, creating trust through our consistency and deliberate practice.Photo by Mathilda Khoo