Getting the Best People on the Bus

2 minute read

When interviewing candidates, how are you assessing their behavioral (cultural) fit for your company?

Jim Collins calls this getting the right people on the bus.

Discovering Poor Performance After the Hire

Hiring managers often over-index on technical skills and knowledge, then later are frustrated when they’re spending their valuable time managing poor behavioral performance!

Advancing Questions

Ask thoughtful Who, What, How, Where, When questions and you’re likely to get more honest answers while discovering the candidate’s actual behavior tendencies. [In our Wingspan Performance System™, these are called Advancing Questions®.]

Listen for Mindset & Behaviors

Listen closely to the language they use in sharing their examples—it shows their mindset and behavior.

Big Time Payoff

Investing time to prepare your Advancing Questions® & listening closely to the answers will payoff big time so that you hire the best qualified talent and individuals who will contribute to building a healthy hire performing team!