Learning from our “Mistakes”

2 minute read

When we reflect on our biggest advances, it was probably from the times we missed the mark, especially if we missed it by a LOT. 

That may be the most painful learning situation, and it’s also the one where we have the most to learn. When we shy away from those painful moments, we are cheating ourselves.

When I went to West Point, I got a pretty big helping of humble pie served up multiple times a day. I had been a good student and was in pretty good physical condition. Each day, I was helped to learn where my holes and weak spots were and how to address those. Nobody passed every test or did well at everything. It was simply not feasible.

The cool part was EVERYONE was getting a slice of humble pie, sometimes just a different flavor. Hiding it wasn’t an option, so rolling with it was the better way to go.

Accepting and learning from my mistakes isn’t something that is easy to do, and I am still working at it in so many parts of my life…my personal relationships, my professional game, duck hunting, woodworking, etc. And when I pause and remind myself that I can advance by being open to these lessons, it’s a little easier.