Where Are You Spending Time Choosing?

1 minute read

On Choosing

Think about how much time we spend choosing the coffee drink we want, the clothes we want, what we want for takeout at the local Thai restaurant, etc.

Everything we want is in the hope/desire that we will FEEL better in the having of it.

Instead of habitually relying on those “things” to help you feel better, practice choosing how you actually want to feel first.

Two-Word Intention

The Two-Word Intention (2WI) is a tremendous tool for deciding how we intend to show up emotionally and mentally.

When we deliberately decide that, we’re armed with clarity to line up our attention and actions to generate those feelings.

We remind ourselves that we are 100% responsible and capable of creating our satisfaction inside–>out, rather than seeking it outside of ourselves.

My current 2WI = fun experimenting

What’s yours?