Top 6 Sins When You Want to Influence Others

1 minute read

How often are you creating problems for yourself by committing one (or more) of these Top 6 Sins when you want to influence others?

  1. Using Bubble Wrap or lazy language with overly intense emotion.
  2. Only adding volume to your habitual language.
  3. Using absolutes (all, nothing, never, always, everyone, etc…).
  4. Using dramatic language (“Rome is burning, people!”).
  5. Judging the other person (or their idea) as wrong or less than.
  6. Not Listening.

6.5  BONUS:  Not Asking Questions.

If you’re not sure, start paying attention and ask a teammate to help you!

Eliminate stress and increase your confidence by influencing more of what you want at work and at home!