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When You’re Dropping Balls

Everyone gets there at some point…they're juggling too much, and things start crashing into the ground. A different—and far more effective path—is thinking about this differently from the moment you realize you're overcommitted.


Three Ways to Ask Better Questions

The leaders we work with say that spending 5-10 minutes each morning preparing questions for a few meetings later in the day is the most productive way to get ready. If you want big-time changes in your conversations, ask better questions… it's totally worth it to you and those around you!


Asking for What You Want

How often are you getting what you really want, at home or at work? Too often, people don’t get what they really want because they don’t ask for what they want.


Getting Heard

If the people you’re interacting with don’t seem to hear what you’re really saying, you still have options for how you exercise healthy control over your part of the interaction. Don’t just throw up your hands and say, “They aren’t listening!” Change up what you say and/or HOW you say it.


A Good Place to Start

If you’ve been successful at lots of other things and you attempt something new, you may feel pressure to be good right from the start. This unreasonable expectation doesn’t help and can make getting started even harder.


Reducing Traffic Inputs

This article is purely about what you allow INTO your mind as you are working, not about how to handle the list of tasks that you have to do.


My Manager Is Blowing Me Off!

George, a leader we work with, recently shared that he’s been getting “blown off” by his manager Scott for the better part […]


5 Questions to Create a Better Connection at Work

If you know something is inevitable and important, you can just prepare for it and work to get better at it. Below are five questions that you can use with anyone you meet, anywhere.