When Do Your High Performance Habits Cost You?

2 minute read

As a high performer, you’ve been valued and recognized for Saying Yes, stepping up, raising your hand, and using heroic efforts to get it done—continuously. This is valuable to the organization, and it’s valuable to you…to an extent. 

There comes a tipping point when Saying Yes is actually counterproductive and costly to the business. More importantly, it’s costly to you.

Your habits of Saying Yes or thinking you’re “supposed to say yes” are how you are unknowingly contributing to your own stress and overwhelm.

A powerful practice for getting yourself out of the Stress Zone and into your Performance Zone is to stop and take inventory of your behavioral performance

Ask yourself a few Advancing Questions:

Care for yourself and strengthen your performance by asking and answering these questions. Your answers will inform your next actions while helping you begin to reduce your stress and restore your energy.

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Keep me posted on your progress and be good to yourself!