Wingspan Performance & The Human Side of Entrepreneurship

1 minute read

If you’re a leader or entrepreneur, you know that it’s lonely at the top. 

Rochelle’s mission includes building connection and community by sharing the human side of entrepreneurship. These two powerful and inspiring business leaders accomplish just that in this heartfelt & informative conversation.

Here’s a preview of the episode:

[00:19]  Intro:  Rochelle Rizzi and Cathy Maday

[05:01] Leaders taking on too much, high achiever behaviors start to work against you

[08:52]  Fears about Delegating:  “What if they’re really not following through?”

[17:26] The Human Side of Entrepreneurship

[23:33] The powerful leader behavior of Owning Up

[29:14] “I don’t feel heard.  He’s not listening.”

Hope you enjoy the episode & remember—Be Good to Yourself!