Commit and Succeed

Commit and Succeed

A Testimonial from Eric Ricker, Manager Laboratory Services

I expected generic managerial how-to information, littered with motivational anecdotes. This was not the case. Wingspan is a well-designed system of communication and behavioral modification techniques that is fluidly demonstrated and implemented. Practice starts with self, then program colleagues, then everyone.  

The program smoothly indicated: The task of communicating, coaching, and explaining is a core responsibility of leadership. This helps generate the right mindset for being clear and concise while relating performance to behaviors and events. 

At work, I have the understanding that my job is radically simpler and less frustrating when I am clear and explicit in the “why” and “how” of a task. I then confirm understanding and support implementation.  At home, the knowledge of addressing behavior in simple terms rather than a large set of feelings or scenarios is far more productive. Being direct and clear—and being unafraid to be directly and clearly wrong—is powerfully simple.

The primary contributor to the program’s success is trust. Both advisor and advisee must trust that the other will do their work. In my case, I had to trust that Wingspan would advise on how to work in the system and that they would—without exception—hold me accountable for the work. Wingspan had to trust that I would do the work and that I would hold them accountable for advice and performance. 

The program examines personal perspectives and approaches that are likely to be uncomfortable to discuss or reveal. This was the single biggest hurdle I saw to personal participation. I did not know or trust anyone in my group enough to engage in that way. This is how you will contribute, and it’s how you will succeed. Commit, and succeed. You will quickly see why the situations are necessary and useful. Limit your participation and you will limit your success.

Things you should know on day 1:

  • You will have to talk.
  • There are no quiet corners where you can dodge Wingspan’s questions.
  • Your team will help you.
  • You will help your team.