The Pattern Feeds Itself

The Pattern Feeds Itself

A Testimonial from Matt Hubert, Director Of Development Services

How simple the techniques and the rationale behind Wingspans methodologies really are—and the speed at which results can be achieved by adhering to them! Additionally, the accountability they demand of clients to ensure desired results are realized. They are not simply delivering valuable information for you to do with what you may. They follow through with expectations (that you spent the money to get somewhere, not to pay lip service to your problems, and revert to old habits when effort on your part is key). They won’t solve your problems, they will give you an awareness and tools/practices to solve your own problems.

I’m much more natural at knowing when I am part of the problem/solution or someone else has to take ownership. I have continually moved further and further away from reaction; and into openness, honesty, and curiosity of communication. Being acutely aware of how weak/poor questions yield weak/poor responses and actions, and a simple exchange of a word or two turns the same question into a much more valuable one that engenders focus and positive action. Able to catch myself when I am not showing up in a way I expect or talk about performing.

My self-worth and my relationships are much more intimate, powerful, and fulfilling. My decision-making is more natural/instinctual and I am more confident in the substance and outcome of those decisions. I trust my gut more and that feeds an emotional side of what had before been a more analytical process. This pattern feeds itself and continues to build my innate ability to be a leader and powerful partner.

By being honest with them and myself to let the process work and not deflect/make excuses that short circuit progress. This is a continual practice and missteps are natural to being human. Having grace and admitting our own weakness at times, taking a step back to reset before moving forward again is necessary—often what those who claim to be successful do—holds them back from another level of performance when unwilling to admit mistakes. Of course, positive reinforcement is more fun and helpful, but that is not always the outcome.

Don’t do this to check a box that you took leadership/communications training for the year. They will hunt you down and make you grow before that check is cashed. Wingspan is a great team to have in your corner for as long as you are real and engaging with them. I am indebted to them forever for the time, energy, and passion they have provided and continue to provide. That does not come with a certificate of completion that many similar services may provide, and it is not needed. 

About the Town of Waxhaw, NC

The Town of Waxhaw is located only 20 minutes from south Charlotte and approximately three miles from the South Carolina state line. Dating back to the 1700s, Waxhaw is one of the oldest towns in Union County, taking its name from the Waxhaws (originally called the Wysacky), an Indian tribe that once inhabited the area. When chartered in 1889, Waxhaw established its rightful place as the third oldest town in Union County. With a population of over 17,147 people, Waxhaw has managed to maintain its small-town charm and yet continue to achieve quality growth. The Waxhaw Historic District at the heart of town is on the National Register of Historic Places and boasts proud old buildings and unique attractions.