Buckle Up!

Buckle Up!

A Testimonial from Walter Putnam, Chief Operating Officer

What stands out? The positive impact on both my professional and personal relationships. Communication is a skill that we use all the time, every day. Becoming more intentional with our word choice, intonation and ultimately the feeling we communicate is a craft worth honing.

One of my most meaningful takeaways is accepting and understanding the fact that we as individuals cannot control any other individual, their actions, thoughts, or preconceived ideas. I can control how I enter the given situation and the power within an intentional and balanced mindset.

I have been able to elevate beyond the immediate emotion and keep my focus on the greater goal. I am more effective in directing my energy and attention towards ideas, tasks, and people with whom I can make a meaningful difference. 

Trust. Embracing vulnerability real-time in our sessions to seek the meaning (or lack thereof) within tendencies. Accepting and practicing alternative communication techniques. Providing real-world feedback in an iterative process of refining my personal leadership style.

Buckle up, my friends! Step in to be challenged, step up to be humbled and step out to the uncomfortable edge where growth happens.


About Geenex Solar

Geenex is a greenfield developer of utility-scale solar projects. We believe that everyone should be involved, and directly benefit from, our country’s shift in energy production to renewable resources. Solar provides the opportunity for landowners, communities, and industry to work together to secure energy needs and independence for the future. Geenex strives for their solar projects to provide energy at competitive prices while not polluting the air or the environment.