#2 of 8 Surprising Habits That Block Your Influence

2 minute read

Hi everybody, welcome to our new series: Your Everyday Leadership – Tools in 2! 2 minutes just for you to reset and equip yourself with some tools so that you’re exercising strong healthy leadership every single day. 

We’re in our series talking about influence and the 8 surprising habits that leaders have that block or hamstring effective influence. And why are we focused on this? Influence is how you grow your business. Influence is how you consistently get the performance you rely on, from the people around you, so that you can be more successful.

In over 20+ years, working with leaders all over the world, every single business leader that I have worked with is guilty of, a minimum, at least one of these habits and so I want to make sure you’re checking in and identifying if you have any of these habits so that you can be more effective and successful in your influence.

So here’s habit number 2…habit number 2 is simply repeating. Any time that you find yourself saying, “I’ve told them over and over again” or another phrase like “I’ve told them time and time again” or “I bring this up in every meeting” or “We’ve gone over this so many times.”

That kind of phrasing indicates that either you, or maybe you’ve heard another teammate member say this, it indicates that you have a tendency of simply repeating yourself. And, while you have such great desire to influence, the people around you are not receiving or taking action, or responding in a way that you really want or expect, and so you just keep repeating over and over, except people tune you out. 

And, that’s another way that you may blocking or hamstringing your influence. Check in with yourself and we’ll see you next week!

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