#4 of 8 Surprising Habits That Block Your Influence

2 minute read

I think maybe we should go back and talk about possibly changing our strategy for more value-add as we look at our goals, I mean you might not agree, it’s just my opinion….

Okay–yes, that sounds like an exaggeration, or is it?  

In your next meeting, listen closely to the people around you and I’ll bet you hear, “I think we should” or “We need to” multiple times.  You’ll also see some head nodding or a quizzical look, yet no specific action is taken, no clear decision is made – because these words don’t mean anything.

An alarming percentage of the words people use are useless.  

Every one of the thousands of CEOs and business leaders I’ve worked with have Habit #4:  

Chronic use of Bubblewrap, Buzzwords and other lazy language.  

At best, they influence mediocre Autopilot performance.  At worst, they create confusion and costly delays.

In some way, shape or form, you have Habit #4 and this hamstrings your influence on your team’s performance.  In Wingspan’s Performance System, Activating Language™ is an entire framework because language drives the way we think, feel, speak and behave.  Essentially, the way we perform in every moment.

We have an entire set of language that we playfully call these Illegal Words.  Eliminating them from your vocabulary will immediately & dramatically improve your personal performance and your influence on those around you.   Give it a shot–start removing Bubblewrap and buzzwords and let me know how it goes!

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