How come we aren’t further along???

1 minute read

A leader recently mentioned that their company’s leadership team was having problems staying on track with deadlines, being honest with each other, and making overly optimistic commitments.

So often, when one of us sees something in a situation, we aren’t sure if “it’s just me” or if others see it too.

It’s easier to wait and see what happens, or see if someone else brings up the “elephant in the room.”

When no one says anything, that group behavior can become a counterproductive norm and people accept it, even if it really has hidden costs.

It’s essential everyone speaks up, not just the senior-most person, or whoever called the meeting.

This is about supporting teammates, regardless of position.

This is where issues surface like people checking phones, or people having sidebar conversations, consistently being late, or getting off-track from the agenda.

When a team begins to recognize these issues, and then makes a commitment to do something different, and DOES IT, everyone benefits!

The more you practice, the easier it gets!