Seek Out Feedback, Especially the Tough Stuff!

2 minute read

I just read some fantastic, pithy advice from Larry Broughton on seeking feedback and input from “haters, whiners & complainers.” While he frames this as advice for business owners, it applies to everyone, and doesn’t mean the best feedback comes from haters or whiners. 🙂

How regularly do you ask your manager for feedback, and get something that really helps you with your bigger game? How much of the feedback is based on your technical skills, and how much is oriented on your professional behaviors (delegation, accountability, feedback, challenging, acknowledging) and your ability to communicate?

As people advance their professional careers and are promoted, HOW they work with others far outweighs the technical skills they bring to the table. Asking for feedback on your leadership behaviors is a way to show that you want to grow, and are seeking input on where you can change.

In a team session I had recently, one leader shared how much they feared asking for feedback from their manager, and that they eventually mustered the courage to do it. It was a tough conversation, and that leader was so thankful to have received valuable insight from their manager. Just having the conversation changed their relationship, and has helped this leader grow.

Photo by Jason Rosewell