Stop Investigating & Start Advancing

1 minute read

How many times…

…have you been the recipient of a stream of questions before the person even shuts up long enough for you to answer?

Or maybe a person asked you a series of yes/no questions that came across as condescending (as if you didn’t know any better?!)

Every single time I’ve helped a leader recognize their habit of doing this, they’re surprised and a little embarrassed.

They certainly didn’t intend to come across in a way that ??????? ?????? ??? ????? ???? ??????, except that’s what happens when we ask questions like we’re investigating or interrogating someone.

????????? ?????????…

…are a core component of our Wingspan Performance System. It’s a powerful practice in asking intentional, highly purposely questions so that you actually advance both your results and your relationships.

Where might you be investigating vs. advancing?

[original photo by marten newhall]