Stop Making Yourself the “Go-To”

2 minute read

“Call Me”

How often do you feel like everyone and their uncle are coming to you to fix their problems?

Being the “go-to” person, the one that “gets shit done” is highly rewarding. Your hard work, knowledge, and expertise are recognized and it feels good to be “needed” by others.

Except you eventually get to a place when you’re thinking, “Do your own &#%! job, I don’t have time to fix your problems!”

This is a fantastic indicator your high-performing behavior has become a habit that is working against you. 

Cost > Payoff

There are more powerful, healthy ways to support your teammates or family members. 

A few to get you started:

  1. Remind yourself they are Powerful, Creative & Resourceful (They don’t need you to solve their problems).
  2. Smile & Encourage them.”You know what to do.””You’ve seen this before.””I’m confident in you.”Often they know the answer or have a solution, they just lack confidence.
  3. Ask Advancing Questions® that help them develop their critical & creative thinking and take greater ownership:

Give it a shot. It feels amazing when you free yourself up from the tangle!