The Power of Choice (Written by Mika Rhodes)

2 minute read

Living in an unknown time—when anxious thoughts begin to creep in, accept the feeling and use that information to access tools and practices that help you regain your place of power. How are you choosing to nourish yourself—mind, body, and spirit?

Out of Balance in the Pandemic

Social distancing, six feet apart, quarantine, flatten the curve—terms that have quickly become ingrained and have replaced handshakes, hugs, social gatherings, and incomes. 

Early on, I noticed my anxiety see-sawing, which affected my mental and emotional state and subsequent decision-making. I was self-soothing with processed, sugar-laden foods, watching the news on a constant loop, and following that up with hours-long COVID-19 conversations with friends and loved ones. My sleep, mood, and body were out of balance. 

And you’re likely thinking, “Hello! it is a pandemic!” Yup, I know. And I also know that, even in a pandemic, I make the choice. The choice to eat or not eat nourishing food, to move or not move my body, and what and how much information I ingested.

Asking for Accountability & The Ripple Effect

The first thing I did was be honest about my struggles with Cathy and Ivan (Wingspan Team) and we immediately agreed to meet Mon-Fri for 5:30 a.m. video workouts. We don’t do the same workout; only hold each other accountable to show up and move! This one act created the ripple effect of me incorporating daily prayer, meditation, and making healthier food choices. 

I feel better, I think clearer, and when anxious thoughts begin to creep in I accept how I feel in the moment and use the information from those feelings to access the tools and practices that help me move back into my place of power; of choice. 

Some of my tools and practices include, loving on my dog, taking a drive while listening to music full blast, watching something funny on TV or YouTube, looking at old family photos, talking/laughing with nurturing friends, listening (and hearing) an inspirational message, and cuddling up with tea (or wine J) and a good book. Oh! And being of service to someone else!