Use your Calendar and Stop going NUTS!

1 minute read

How often do you catch yourself saying, “wait…THAT meeting is tomorrow morning? Oh #&^%$, man…I’m not even close to being ready!!”

Thinking about your calendar differently can help you prevent surprises or late nights. More importantly, it FEELS better knowing what’s coming and that you are ready for the things you know about.

With the holidays approaching—and numerous items competing for our time—each of us is responsible to ourselves, other members of our business, and our families to use our calendars to create stability, predictability, and the best performance we can create.

Knowing what you’ve agreed to do at certain times is the first step in that direction.

Start to think of your calendar as an essential tool to track the chronological commitments you’ve made to yourself or others.

Watch this video to learn several mindsets and tools to stop going nuts and have your calendar work for you!