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Courage at Work

What do you really and truly care about? What do you really want for your team members, for your direct reports, for your manager, and for yourself?

Team Performance

Redefining Performance

It can be easy to think of performance as either good or bad, though that sometimes misses a key item: what is the expectation for that role.


Optimism About the Future

With all the challenges we face day after day, month after month, it can be hard sometimes to be optimistic about the future and the changes that are coming.


Too Much on Your Plate

Almost everyone is wanting to know how to function better when there is too much on the plate. It’s time to do something different!


Talking About Performance Problems

Everyone is going to have an experience where someone doesn't do what they've committed (or been told) to do. Most people aren't ready to have the necessary conversations when these situations arise.


Who’s Actually Causing the Problem?

Each time you accept it when others bring a problem and ask to compress a five-day workflow into two days, you teach them that it's okay. You are choosing to say yes to that request.


A Better Framework to Ask Problem Solving Questions

At Wingspan, we call Advancing Questions the “power tool” that leaders bring. The reason problem-solving questions are such an important skill is that there is a distinct difference between solving a problem FOR someone and solving a problem WITH someone.


Knowledge vs. Skill

When you're learning something new, when do you decide that you've learned enough and you can start applying? This question is harder to answer than it seems. It's also tougher when we work on new ways of working, and applying different mindsets, behaviors, and communications.