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Three Ways to Ask Better Questions

The leaders we work with say that spending 5-10 minutes each morning preparing questions for a few meetings later in the day is the most productive way to get ready. If you want big-time changes in your conversations, ask better questions… it's totally worth it to you and those around you!


Specified vs Implied Tasks, Including Behaviors!

Leaders will often assign specific tasks to others, which usually include some implied tasks. These implied tasks aren't stated, yet are essential to creating a strong outcome. In this video, we'll break down that difference with a widely relatable example, and also get into the behavioral implied tasks.


Asking for What You Want

How often are you getting what you really want, at home or at work? Too often, people don’t get what they really want because they don’t ask for what they want.


3 Steps to Better Listening

Oftentimes people will want to be better listeners and they aren't sure how. Here are 3 quick tips on how to listen more fully and be more focused during a conversation.


Winning More Arguments

Want to know our secret steps to winning more arguments, at work or home? Give these six steps a shot and see if you don't walk away happier with the outcome!


Your Intent and Your Patterns

While you may not have the specific habit of “going against the grain,” you are biologically wired to create patterns for yourself. These show up in what you do, and also how you think, communicate, and interact. So what to do? Toss all your patterns, habits, and processes in the trash? Not necessarily…


Stress Zone, Party of 1?

Getting into the Stress Zone more than you want? Cathy and Ivan talk about what could be happening, and ways to get ahead of it and stop the cycle!


Getting Heard

If the people you’re interacting with don’t seem to hear what you’re really saying, you still have options for how you exercise healthy control over your part of the interaction. Don’t just throw up your hands and say, “They aren’t listening!” Change up what you say and/or HOW you say it.