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#2 of 8 Surprising Habits That Block Your Influence

Every single business leader that I have worked with is guilty of at least one of these habits. Influence is how you consistently get the performance you rely on, from the people around you.


#1 of 8 Surprising Habits Blocking Your Influence

You're influencing the people around you 100% of the time. Yet, how often is your influence intentional vs. accidental? Leaders operate in Autopilot a surprising amount of the time, which means you have habits or tendencies that hamstring effective influence.


When to Define Why

Leaders are often told to "explain the why" behind a task. That *may* be a good choice, and there will be reasons to go further and times not to explain "why" at all.


Effectively Influencing Others

Almost every leader we work with wants to improve their ability to influence others...be it their peers, their manager, or further up the chain. This video will help you step up your influence game by focusing on 4 key parts of your message.


When You’re Dropping Balls

Everyone gets there at some point…they're juggling too much, and things start crashing into the ground. A different—and far more effective path—is thinking about this differently from the moment you realize you're overcommitted.


Three Ways to Ask Better Questions

The leaders we work with say that spending 5-10 minutes each morning preparing questions for a few meetings later in the day is the most productive way to get ready. If you want big-time changes in your conversations, ask better questions… it's totally worth it to you and those around you!


Specified vs Implied Tasks, Including Behaviors!

Leaders will often assign specific tasks to others, which usually include some implied tasks. These implied tasks aren't stated, yet are essential to creating a strong outcome. In this video, we'll break down that difference with a widely relatable example, and also get into the behavioral implied tasks.


Asking for What You Want

How often are you getting what you really want, at home or at work? Too often, people don’t get what they really want because they don’t ask for what they want.